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Music for your Soul

This is an album made with love. It was our first project together after getting married and we worked our arses off to make this album happen. With no money and no real time to do it, but we did it anyway. However you have come to hear about our music we want to say thanks for checking us out and we hope your find just a little bit of solace in our tunes. You can get all the info and order digital tracks or old school CDs from our CDBaby page.

You can listen to all the tracks free on our CDBaby page.

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Check out our new iBook

We recently immigrated to New Zealand and realized how hard it is to find good information on New Zealand so we set ourselves to the task of creating an iBook. Our goal was to transport you to New Zealand and give you a true sense of what life is like in this far off world. With over 60 minutes of video interviews and tours, photo galleries, quizzes, and more; this just ain’t your grandma’s kindle.

Free sample in the iTunes bookstore.

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Share your toys

You never know who among your friends might be interested in our tunes so please share, google+, tweet, facebook, or even write a campfire song about us, but please let the world know we are here.


Meet the Dalton Family

Hello from the Dalton family! We are artists, writers, musicians, web nerds, and extreme do-it-yourself kind of folk. We recently realized a life long dream and immigrated to New Zealand from the United States and have two major projects available at the moment, the first being this self published music album and the second, our latest project, a self published interactive iBook on immigrating to New Zealand.

We hope that with all our work you can find a sense of inspiration and some light of hope in these dark days. If you would like to contact us please drop an email through our business website here.